Need and Right to Belong

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Andjelka Sharshanski
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This is the second law of the Family Order- to admit what is, because the consciousness and admittance of the problem is already half of the resolution. If we are not conscious of something, or we are conscious but we do not want to admit it, than we spend much of our energy on the projection and repression. We keep spinning in the vicious cycle, and sometimes, we do not even want to get out of that circle.

All members of the family, past and present, have right to belong to that family, whether the other members want them or not. Nobody can take that right away from any member of the family. On the soul level, the family system does not allow exclusion. The system all the time gravitates towards the wholeness and completeness, and when it happens so that somebody is excluded, the very system will strive towards the compensation.

 The excluded member will present itself through some of the future family member who is unconscious or feels helpless. The destiny of the excluded or hidden person creates the pressure on the descendant to repeat the same destiny, or do something that will bring back to the family memory that which was excluded or hidden. The descendant that took upon himself the destiny of the excluded member has a task to renew the wholeness of the group.

 The right to belong is earned by sexual act, conception, birth, inheritance, murder, etc.

The family system includes:

-all children, born alive, those that died, miscarried or aborted

-parents, their brothers and their sisters

-great-grandmothers, great-grandfathers and further generations

-ancestors that suffered and had hard and unjust destiny

-all those that helped the family or did something beneficial for it

-the individuals that are not blood related to the family, but contributed with its destiny, death, etc. to the survival of the family (ex partners of the parents, the individuals that adopted child

-those that, by their death or distress, contributed to the power or profit of the family.

-the victims of violence or murder that any of the family members have committed.

The descendents that take upon themselves the destiny of the excluded, rejected member of the family are obliged to the family system to bring order to it. There are a few mechanisms through which we take over or get involved in the destiny of the family members that came before us.

We will talk more about this in the next article. 

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