The Introduction into the Practical Work on Aura

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Katarina Subotić
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Words such as chakra, aura, transformation and extrasensory perception are more and more common in everyday life. It became trendy to have one’s own healer  or practitioner in bioenergetics, as well as to attend courses and workshops on energy work. Various magazines tempt their customers proposing tests on aura, which, when filled in, give an insight into our chakras, how they move, which are open and which closed, which are problematic and which we could "spin" clockwise (proper flow of a chakra) with no effort.
But what do all this new-age terms really mean? 
In fact, most of the terms are not new-age, but rather old-age. Chakras, the aura, the energy field as well as people who heal others using energy, which usually emanates from hands, compose a very ancient, probably the oldest form of healing system known to mankind. Historical records mention shamans, curanderos, medicine men/women or kavirajas, which are all synonyms for doctors in ancient societies and old civilizations amid nations of South and North America, Siberia, India, Mongolia. 
But, let's get acquainted with these terms in the true sense of the word. 
All living (and non-living) creatures are situated in the Universal Energy Field (UEF). According to Newton's law, energy can’t be created nor destroyed, but it can only transform from one form to another. The energy that is around us, in our immediate vicinity, that we are surrounded by in all directions, on about a meter from our body is our own (egg-shaped), personalized energy field or aura. 
The gates through which the energy from the Universal Energy Field gets in and out of our personal, Human Energy Field, are called the energy centers or chakras. There are seven main chakras located as follows, using the physical body as a reference: 
- The first chakra - in the perineum (between the genitals and the anus)
- The second chakra - the lower part of the pelvis (above the pubic bone)
- The third chakra - the solar plexus (the area of the abdomen and diaphragm)
- The fourth chakra - the region of the heart
- The fifth chakra - the region of the thyroid gland
- The sixth chakra - between the eyebrows
- The seventh chakra – on the crown of the head
All chakras (except the first and the seventh, which make a pair) have their anterior (front part of the body) and posterior (the back part of the body) aspect. 
There are also small chakras, such as on the knees, pancreas, liver, ovaries and so on. These are followed by an even smaller energy centers, known as “nadis” (Sanskrit), many of which correspond to the acupuncture points. 
As you can see, the human body is a real glowing map of the energy streams, meridians and centers on which one can work in order to improve the functioning of the whole organism. 
The way energy would move through the body of an individual depends on many factors. Consciousness is the main element that determines how our aura would look like. Depending on past experience, the way we were raised, presence or absence of a parent, family energy field, the environment in which we grew up, trauma, etc., we create a very personalized image of the world, of ourselves and other people. 
For example, a person A, who grew up in a relatively stable family with the support of both parents will have quite a different perception of life than a person B, who grew up in an environment where the presence of the caregiver was limited or where even the most basic things in life (shelter, food) were scarce. Person A will have a greater sense of security and audacity because she has had the opportunity to be fed by this kind of energy in the course of her life, while person B will be insecure, with more fear and uncertainty in her system. Furthermore, this will have an effect on the configuration of the first chakra, which is the basis of the entire aura. Its work will be reflected, to a greater or lesser extent, in the work of the other chakras and especially in the nervous system because the lack of "root" energy of the first chakra creates fear, nervousness and anxiety (no "ground" under our feet), if it is longtime present in one’s life. 
From the above example we can see how consciousness affects the functioning, in this case, of the first chakra and in which way the work of the first chakra will affect the work of the sixth chakra. That is why a holistic approach to human health is necessary in order to produce long-term changes in both health and in life in general. 
In an ideal situation, chakras turn in a clockwise direction with a diameter of about 10 cm. This indicates that the energy is absorbed from the universal energy field. Counter clockwise direction indicates that the energy is ejected out of the body, that there is resistance, and left-right horizontal move shows negation. Vertical motion indicates a tendency to avoid the problems in life and escape into the spiritual. These are just some basic examples of the chakra movements, there are many more combinations. 
The direction of the chakras can be determined by a pendulum or using the extrasensory perception (in my practice I prefer a combination: what is perceived by extrasensory perception, I like to confirm with a pendulum). 
Another phenomenon that I will address in this article is the extrasensory perception. In the field of energy treatments we often encounter individuals who have a "gift" and "see" the aura and chakras. Several special and chosen, some of us would say. But the truth is quite different. How would you react if I told you that you also have this ability? Would you believe it or would you just ignore it? 
In any case, however you may receive this information, the truth is this: every human being has the ability and capacity to perceive sensations that are beyond the reach of ordinary senses. What happens in life is that out of various reasons (fears, blocked emotions, trauma, limiting belief systems, etc.), these channels get blocked (this also happens with the physical flow of energy, not to mention the subtle one). 
Another potential reason is that we simply do not develop this skill. Anyone who wants to deal with mathematics, for example, must undergo training in the field of that science and spend a lot of time in doing mathematical exercises and solving problems. The person will invest time and energy in that direction. So it is with extrasensory perception: it develops as much as we consciously invest in its development. 
However, there is another kind of, those people who take too easily the whole thing about energy work. I have met people who, without any training, feel invited to make diagnosis and determine which of your chakras work and which don’t (and which is even worse, they do it at the first encounter, on the street or in front of other people). Be careful, because I had the opportunity to have client call me and tell me how "that and that" person told them that they have "such and such" chakra blocked. Ego is an amazing thing, so do trust your inner sense and intuition or consult someone who underwent the training and education in this area. 
As we continue studying consciousness and its impact on energy field, sooner or later, we come upon the character structures. The first who began to connect the body, its shape, appearance and posture with the psyche, was Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Through his studies and work with people, he came upon five basic character structures (Alexander Lowen and John Perrakos continued his work), which means that there are five basic ways in which people regulate their system (energy, consciousness and the physical body as a result of previous two), and they are: 
- Schizoid
- Oral
- Masochistic
- Psychopathic
- Rigid 
It often happens that when we study the structure of the character, we identify with it. However, this is just a map of what we are not; this is what prevents us from being ourselves including our defense systems, ego, wound, fear, the usual way to respond to situations or people which is, in most cases, conditioned by our personal history and past experiences. 
These are the basic concepts which I wish we get to know about. The following articles will deal with the chakras, one by one, with the states of consciousness and how such states affect the function of a particular chakra, physical hardships that may appear due to its dysfunction as well as the character structures and how they relate to the chakras’ functioning. 
In the meantime, spend some time focusing attention on your energy and the field you create around you. Feel your body, open all your senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell. You'll be surprised with what you can perceive and amazed with where you will be taken, in self-knoledge and in relating to other people. 
Happy journey into the infinite world of energy!
Katarina Subotich
BS Brennan Healing Science

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