Hierarchy Between the Partners

Written by: 
Andjelka Šaršanski
Date of issue: 
In the bases of partnership is a deep, natural force for life maintenance and its continuation. That force is maintained through sexual instinct. Father and mother are equal. A man needs a woman and all of what she is in order to realize himself fully. A woman needs a man in order to completely fulfill her nature. They together mature and connection between the two becomes deep and forward moving. 
However, the attachment is not the same as love. Attachment is created by physical and sexual act. Sometimes, there is a lot of attachment and little love, or a lot of love but little attachment. Also, there is a hidden order that supports the love between children and their order in the family hierarchy which follows the time line: meaning that first born is first, and then comes the second, etc.
Before they became the parents of their children, the partners were couple. Their love towards the children is not continuation of their love towards each other as a man and woman; it is rather a new type of love born with the creation of progeny.
Previous partners have right of way in relation to the present partner, and children from previous marriage have right of way in relation to children that came later.
All previous partners are part of the system and require respect – they made the space for the present partner. If this principle is not respected, children from present relationship will often energetically take place of previous partners of their parents that are excluded (due to pain, sadness, etc.)
Brothers and Sisters
Brothers and sisters are equal. It is important to pay attention to the order in which children are born. The first comes first, than the second and so on, disregarding of gender. There is a deep connection and love between brothers and sisters. If anyone of them is troubled, the other siblings are loyal and become involved.
When ancient peoples had difficult times, like preparing for battle, trials or death, they would go on the bank of the river or to the mountain peak and speak, looking high and far: Here are my father and mother, my brothers and sisters, my grandparents and my ancestors from past. I am coming to hug you; I am coming to take my place at the table. Give me the blessing to live or die with honor.

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