Family Constellations

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Anđelka Šaršanski
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Anđelka Šaršanski has the experience of participation in the work of hundreds of people in the workshops of Family Constellations or Order of Love for almost ten years, as well as several years of practice in individual sessions using these methods. Her quest began in the early nineties. Her path took her through the Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi’s teachings, The Art of Living, Sun-gazing (watching the sun), the practice of Qi Gong and attending many workshops, to the Order of Love and Pathwork. Anđelka gives individual sessions in the Order of Love and you can get in touch with her via email:
„The beginning was when I was born and there is no end " – a long time ago I’ve read this statement made by a boy in a survey done among children, on a subject regarding life and death.
And the most of us think, at least on some level, that the beginning was when we were born. The beginning of what? Well ...of almost everything.
An example for this is, among other things, the event which happened two decades ago when my teenage daughter wanted, by all means, to go to the Rolling Stones concert in Budapest. She was too young to be allowed to go alone and I decided to go with her. She immediately started to be annoyed and complained about it, and the main argument was that I would be the oldest at the entire stadium. And the truth is that Mick Jagger and the others in the band are a few years older than me. At the concert, there were more people my age and older, than teenagers. Only then she changed her attitude.
So, we also think that everything starts from us, but we are not self-sown. Before us, there were parents, grandparents, both maternal and paternal, aunts and uncles, great-grandmothers and grandfathers and their siblings. Going further and further into the past, there was a stream of ancestors who were giving and spreading life or, in turn, taking it away. And they all live in us, even though we remember it rarely or never, until we get struck by some trouble, problem or illness. Searching for a way to resolve torments, sometimes we get to the Order of Love, Family Constellations or Order, which are different names for this one and the same method.
So what is it, exactly, what kind of order, what does it serve for, what is resolved by it?
We've seen it in action some time ago, at the workshop "Life, Death and Afterwards... " when magical moments full of emotions of all kinds occurred; emotions which were freely manifested and became visible, perhaps for the first time. They were expressed fully and were experienced unpunished with whole intensity, to be transformed into what we are, but have forgotten about it because we had taken on us someone else’s matter. We have witnessed the transformation of various emotions into love.
It could be seen and understood that the end doesn’t occur when we leave the body. Thoughts and actions continue to live through descendants, having an invigorating and alleviating or aggravating impact on their lives.
„Grandfathers eat grapes, grandchildren’s teeth shiver“ is a well-known proverb in our folklore which can serve as a guide towards the Order.
Why is this method called Order?
There are important natural laws which establish the world, which must be respected and no one is above them. But people often do not respect them, or have never learned to respect them and then it leads to the nodes of energy that prevent the flow of energy in society, family, or within an individual. Illnesses, accidents, losses, suffering of any kind occur and this compels a person to look finally into the cause. It is often revealed that the current choices, decisions and behavior of the descendants can be observed among the ancestors too.
Order is a method that works with trans-generational traumas that are unconsciously transmitted from ancestors to descendants, by emotional and psychological binding. A solution is sought in the place where it was created, among the ancestors. Healing is done at the soul level and the symptoms serve as helpers. When we become aware and see the cause of the problem, the possibility of solving, as well as our internal picture of the problem, change.
All this can be done because we, as humans, have the ability to empathize with others, and work in Family Constellations is subordinated to the natural laws that operate within family and system.
What are those laws and which are the consequences when they are violated, we will explain in the next article.



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